Hunting knife with etched blades. The ornamented surface is extremely plastic;
the motives and lines can be as deep as 0.8 mm. The lines and contours are quite clear and even.

The essence of etching is based on a technique originating from the XVIth century:
the blades are covered with an acid-resistant film, the motives are engraved by hand,
then they are placed in an acid bath. Please, note the fine details.

This technique provides great variability and also freedom for the artist in the decoration.
The etchings depict hunting scenes, animals, ornaments in rich variations.
On request your initials will also be involved in the ornament of the hunting dagger.

The etching is traditionally handmade, we do not use any modern techniques and devices.
The knives and daggers with etched blades satisfy the highest esthetic requirements, and
at the same time they are highly practical.

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