The Hochstein family in Budapest prepares leather hunting accessories and individual knifes, daggers with the most demanding care for over 30 years.

Exclusive designed handicrafts

Our exclusive handicrafts are designed and elaborated for those who expect the best for themselves. We take care of the thought from its birth till it is completely fullfilled. We except nothing but the best of materials and techniques to create harmony between shape and function.

Every step in creating a new piece of handicraft is carried out exclusively by us, that’s why we can guarantee the best quality and the continuity. The leather wares amalgamate the Hungarian folk traditions and shepherd’s art with the modern design resulting in a special harmony.

Traditional technologies, natural materials

Using hundred-years old techniques as well as the best quality materials ensure the harmony between the article and its owner. Each knife is individually designed, made of the best materials, with the utmost and most demanding care.

We realize your dreams

We regularly take part at international exhibitions, like IWA in Nürnberg, Jagd und Hund (Hunting and Dogs) in Dortmund, Pferd und Jagd (Horse and Hunting) in Hannover, Hohe Jagd (Hunting & Fishing) in Salzburg, as well as at FeHoVa (Arms, Fishing and Hunting) in Budapest, where our works are among the most respected ones.

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Hochstein vadászkések
és vadászfelszerelés

  Cím: 1238 Budapest, Templom utca 59.

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